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The Kapayim Network’s Impact

The Kapayim network provides over 600 service hours each day!  Mind boggling? Absolutely.  If you could take a satellite image of our volunteer network at any given moment, you would see over 250 members per day scurrying from homes, to hospitals and to our Kapayim Center, making life more manageable, but also more meaningful to our families in need.  Read on to see their impact.

From the Kapayim Team:

“Kapayim coordinators make sure patients gets the same volunteer team so that the parents and patients can create a longer term, warm relationship.  The families I worked with are a part of my life; we are all a team, together.”

-S.R., member of the Kapayim network for 7 years, now coordinates a network of over 60 volunteers

“I worked with Kapayim for 6 years, so I knew what I was dealing with when I got sick.  I knew to be gracious about accepting help, which is never easy.  As soon as I began to feel better and got my energy back I got back in to my volunteering with renewed perspective.   I offer chizuk to families, and the chizuk is much more powerful coming from my personal experience.”


“Kapayim is discreet and also so devoted.  Once, a family came from Israel to America for treatments for their mother, and the older daughter whispered that she missed the smell of freshly baking challah since her mother became ill.  A volunteer overheard this, and the very next day brought over fresh dough for her to bake, to enjoy the warmth of home that she missed.”

-R.S., Kapayim staff, 5 years

“I absolutely love it.  The satisfaction you get from helping the kids and their parents is amazing.  There is so much need–you just know you are doing something important.  I feel lucky to be a part of this!”

-R.T., member of the Kapayim network for 8 years


“My child was in the hospital for 4 months and I also had a newborn at home.  Kapayim covered shifts in the hospital, and I appreciated it so much.  We got to know our Kapayim team very well and I still keep up with them. I felt like I was dealing with a friend that was there for me rather than an organization.  The way they shared my burden with sensitivity, and they way they took responsibility for my issues was as if it were their obligation.  They shoulder the burden.”

-E.F., mother of a patient

“My Kapayim team is my lifesaver. They keep my life together and my kids can always be together so they have the security they need.  My whole life changed the day after the coordinator called me to set up my system.”

-M.R., patient and mother of 5

“My son was on treatments for two years. Kapayim literally kept our family afloat during that time.  They provided physical, emotional and financial support, and they know what a home needs.  They fill the little cracks in the foundation before a mother notices them, and those cracks, if left unattended can make a household fall apart, and the negative repercussions would go on for years.”

-C.W., mother of a patient


Dr. Kara M. Kelly, MD, Pediatric Hematology Oncologist in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, addressed a crowd of Kapayim members and supporters and spoke about her experience as a physician with challenging medical situations.  Patients in her care often have long hospital stays, which are difficult enough just for the child. The family, however, usually suffers from the lack of stability in their home life, but she has seen Kapayim step in, over and over again with many of her patients.

“I was so impressed with the way the community comes together to help support a family.  It is just seamless.  There is always somebody there with the patient, always help, food, and help with the other children,” says Dr. Kelly.

Dr. Sarah R. Vaiselbuh MD, Director of the Children’s Cancer Center at Staten Island University Hospital, says, “I met Kapayim volunteers at the hospital and their presence did not only make a difference for our patients, but was a true Kiddush Hashem.”

“Chemotherapy can bring a cure, but your work brings healing to our patients”.