Pause for This Cause

6:30 a.m. alarm rings. Boys leave for morning seder. They wake the baby. Make her a bottle. 7 a.m. – 3 year old wants breakfast NOW. Head downstairs. Put in toast to bake and put up eggs to boil. Fill a cup of coffee. 3 yr old spilled orange juice. Put down cup of coffee. Wipe spill. Go back upstairs to crying baby who wants to come out. Change her pamper. Dress 5 yr old. Go back down to scorched toast and bubbling eggs. 5 year old tantrum. Wants soft-boiled eggs. Empty egg pot. Refill with water. Boil again. Shmear toast with cream cheese. Serve breakfast. Oh no! it’s 8:00. Get 8 yr old out of bed. Dressed. Pack his breakfast. Snack. 8:05 bus is here. 5 yr old missing shoe. Look in the playroom. Bathroom. Under the couch. Forget it . Get Shabbos shoes. Put them on. Found the other shoe behind the door. Make braids. Tie ribbon. 8:22 second bus is here. Wake 15 yr old. Find 11 yr old – reading in bed. Get them up and out. Sign test. Ugh. Cold toast and eggs. There’s nothing to eat. Bus is here. He forgot his glasses. Run after the bus. Run back home. Dress and feed the baby. Separate the loads. Put whites in to wash. Pick up towels from the bathroom floor. Make the beds. Load the dishwasher. Sweep the floor. Put back the Shabbos shoes. Spill the cold coffee down the drain. Collect things for the cleaners. 10:36 Head out the door. 10:39 you forgot your cell. Head back home. Cleaners. Bank. Grocery. Late for shaitel macher appointment. 1:30 look for maroon belt for girls. Check out sale at shoe store.

PauseHead for the butcher. 2:56 enter house with all the packages. 3:02 the bus is here. Greet child with a smile. Serve snack and a drink. Take out lego. Turn on the oven. Feed the baby. Clean and prepare chicken. Dice onions and vegetables for soup. Conference call with sisters –in-law about sheva brachos. 4:15 p.m. Next bus. Wipe the tears and put a band aid on the boo-boo. Give a treat. Ooh and aah over the arts and crafts. Cook side dish. Cut up salad. 5:00 p.m. Set table for supper. Serve supper. Do homework. Baths. Bedtime stories. 7:00 husband comes home. Serve him supper. Call from mother. Fold laundry. Put away laundry. Put little ones to bed. Study for chumash test. Listen to teenage complaints. Wash the dishes. Sweep the floor. Dress.9:00 p.m. Go to Bar Mitzva. Come home. Serve husband cake and tea. Head for bed.

6:30 a.m. car arrives. Make a cup of coffee. Tiptoe into child’s room to wake him. He just fell asleep at 4:00 a.m. Try to dress him while he’s sleeping. But need to wake him to take his meds. 6:35 husband holds his hands. Put medicine in syringe, hold it on the side of his mouth, tickle his chin. He swallowed it. Baruch Hashem. Bundle him in his hat and coat. 6:45 a.m. Sit into the car with cup of coffee. Child throws up. There goes the meds. Hold him on your lap. Put down coffee. 7:18 Get into the hospital. Waiting room is full. Child greets all the nurses and all his friends. Read him a book. Take out your tehillim. Woman next to you wants to talk. 7:30 a.m. volunteer arrives to home to take care of other children. Husband leaves for Shachris. 7:35 children call to say good morning. 7:37 nurse calls you in. Dress child in hospital gown. 7:56 doctor walks in. 8:07 finishes physical exam. 8:15 technician takes blood 8:29 gets hooked up to iv. 8:42 he’s already complaining that he’s itchy. Go get the nurse. 8:55 nurse comes with relief. Ask permission to go get a cup of coffee. Head upstairs to bikur cholim room. 8:58 get called back down. Child not happy. Wants you there NOW. 9:30 volunteer arrives to hospital. Begins the candle making activity she brought along. Take out siddur and daven shachris. 11:00 doctor calls you in for consultation. Baruch Hashem doctor happy with progress. Call husband to tell him. Call parents and in-laws. 11: 50 Child is groggy and cranky. Volunteer takes out new cd and book with cd player. 12:00 volunteer leaves. 12:15 they remove i.v. 12:25 go into other room to wait. Kapayim class teacher arrives. Does class arts and crafts with her student. 1:00 plays aleph-beis game. 1:45 check vitals. 2:30 doctor sends for scan. Will miss buses. Call Kapayim . Children should go to after school program in cabin. 5:45 get home. Thank You kapayim. House is clean. Put patient to bed.

cause6:25 patient wakes up crying – wants pizza now! 6:35 bundle up all the kids and head to nearest pizza store. 6:45 get to pizza store. Changed his mind. Wants franks instead. 6:50 head to chap- a- nash. Child takes one bite and wants french fries only. 7:20 arrive home exhausted. Teenager upset . Doesn’t want franks and french fries. Wants real food. 7:25 fill a pot with water. Cook macaroni. Make a cup of coffee. Turn on oven. Put in fish sticks. Patients throwing up. Put coffee down. Run to him. 7:30 bathe him and dress him. Make him comfortable on the couch. Ooh and aah over other children’s arts and crafts . 8:00 serve supper to older children. Listen to children talk about their day in school. Give meds. Look over children’s homework that they did in the cabin. 8:45 fill the bath with water. Bathe little ones. Dress them. Say krias shema. 8:55 you fall asleep in their beds. 9:15 have bar mitzvah to go to. Dress. 9:30. Go to bar mitzvah. 11:15 p.m. home at last. Head for bed. 11:35 p.m. patient throwing up…

Pause for a cause. Pause for effect. Your tefillos and generous support for Kapayim can make the difference. Take a coffee break for חולי ישראל. Join women in Boro Park, Williamsburg, and Monsey in a historic day of tefillah for klal Yisroel on Wednesday, January 18 – כ’ טבת. To host a tehillim gathering in your home or office please call the Kapayim office @ 718-412-8560.


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