Raising $600,000 together to help
alleviate the trauma of illness.

36 hrs! March 5-6

KAPAY-I’M in for a Yom Tefila!

On January 10th, 2018, thousands of men, women and children across the spectrum of Jewish communities throughout the world, will unite for an auspicious day of tefillah and tzedakah for choilei yisroel. Tens of thousands of yidden will say –

Choilei Yisroel – I’m here for you!

Neighborhood hosts will gather with their neighbors and friends, men in their workplaces and kollelim and children of all ages in their chedarim, schools and yeshivos! Together they will complete sefer tehillim 1000 times and  beseech rachmei shamayim for the precious kinderlach in our communities who suffer the effects of medical illness. Whether the patient is a child or parent – the entire family unit is affected. Kapayim says to choilei yisroel- I’m here for you, 365 days a year! Kapayim is there to ease the suffering, and enable the home to function as normally as possible. Kapayim’s goal is to provide stability and routine throughout the illness. From physical, emotional and financial support Kapayim sees the need and holds the hand of so many in our community affected by illness.

By joining the Kol Kapayim Yom Tefila, the awesome powers of tefilla and tzedaka are combined!

 This powerful zechus will surely generate yeshuos and refuos to all participants, and enable the dedicated members of Kapayim’s vast network of shelichim to continue providing support for Choilei yisrael  in our communities every single day.

Donate to Kapayim, sponsor a sefer Tehillim and take part in the historic yom tefilla by calling our office @ 7184128560 or visit us online kapayim.org.