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36 hrs! March 5-6

Gather in Unity

קול כפים יום תפילה פאר חולי ישראל.

There are many forms of healing. With the advance of modern medicine, בחסדי שמים, new treatments and remedies for illnesses and ailments are discovered daily. There are institutions full of people studying, learning and researching diseases and their potential cures.

But there is a powerful tool for healing that has withstood the tests of time throughout the ages, whose potency remains just as effective and just as relevant despite its age. This remedy has been known to carry vast powers to not only heal, but to soothe, to encourage, to uplift. It has accompanied our people through thick and thin, and it is still our first go-to address for expressing ourselves in all circumstances. Why, we even use it to express our joy, our appreciation, our longing.

The ספר תהילים is our connection to the רבונו של עולם.

And it is a medicine not to be kept out of the reach of children.

C. was a proud כפים student at the center, who regaled all who would listen to him with stories of his friends, his teachers, and his כפים classroom.

So when the doctor determined that his numbers were too low, and he wanted his feisty little patient admitted, it was with no small amount of coaxing that his mother was able to get him to agree to the idea that he would be an in-patient כפים class member. She promised him that the teachers would send all his “schoolwork” to the hospital, that his friends will send him רפואה שלמה cards, and that when the doctor allows it – he can go back to school.

Well, the hours turned into days, and the days into weeks, and still C. needed the hospital care. He settled into a routine – sort of – of being the student in his hospital bed.

But, in the כפים sterile classroom, things were just not the same without him. Every single morning, before davening, all the קינדערלאך suffering from immunocompromised diseases, began their day with a קאפיטל תהילים, and a בקשה to the אייבערשטער, to please send C. a רפואה שלמה so he can come back to school געזונט און שטארק.

And the רבונו של עולם, who loves the תפילותof קינדערלאך, especially these precious נשמות, answered their heartfelt תפילות!

The doctor finally cleared him to go back to school!

The preparations for the welcome back party were grand, as was the excitement of the teachers and קינדערלאך alike.

And one little boy in an act of impulsive kindness took his prize possession, a screw driver he was hiding in his briefcase (yes, he’s a boy), wiped it with a Clorox wipe, to sterilize it – and extended it to his friend with the exclamation – I missed you sooo much, and you know, I knew you would come back… because we davened for you!

January 18 will בעז”ה be a historic יום תפילה for חולי ישראל. In homes and offices in Boro Park, Williamsburg, Monsey, New Square and other communities, thousands of voices will be raised in unison to beseech רחמי שמים through the כח of תהילים and צדקה. The תפילות and generous support for Kapayim will surely make a רושם in שמים.

כפים knows the real side effects of illness. The effect it has on the entire family. For they are there for hundreds of families every single day. In the homes, in hospitals and at the Kapayim Centers. כפים sees the pain and suffering up close, but they also know that hope and happiness can be part of the equation. Must be part of the healing. And therefore, כפים knows the potency of תפילה. The life-line for every איד in every situation.

אידן are known for their רחמנות, their exceptional devotion to each other. We share pain. We share joy. Let’s share the כח of our תפילות.

On every block. In every building. Wherever they may be, אידן will join together in unity on one day.

Will you miss this opportunity?

Pause for a Cause

אי”ה Wednesday, January 18.

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