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36 hrs! March 5-6

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It is with great excitement that we share with you that new Kapayim Centers will be opening in Boro Park on 1574 56th Street and in Williamsburg on 472 Park Avenue.  Moving to these locations will give seriously ill children and their families a place where Hope Has an Address.  The well-designed, inviting spaces with triple the capacity of our old Centers will provide hope and respite to our community’s children and families.

This expansion project is a truly unique and exciting opportunity.  We need your help to build the future of hope.


“The Center is vital.  My children have a place to go when they can use extra attention. Kapayim looks for ways to give the patients and their families the stability and routine they are missing.  In the Kapayim Center, these goals can be achieved.”

-R.B., mother of a patient, on what the new Center will mean for families.

Bright Waiting/ Reception Area

Fresh and inviting, the reception area is designed for children awaiting transportation back home. With many windows for natural light and ample view of the bustling street, even waiting can be pleasant!

Kapayim Sterile Classroom

This classroom is a one-of-a-kind concept that caters to children who are undergoing medical treatments which compromise their immune systems. The space is bright and open, and offers smooth surfaces that facilitate the frequent cleanings needed to keep the environment germ-free.

Kapayim Cabin

In the Kapayim Cabin, children can do homework, enjoy the library center, dramatic arts corner, activity center or delight in the weekly shows and programming. The Cabin is a place where siblings can enjoy multiple centers of activities that stimulate, educate and engage their minds!

Kitchen Area

When a mother is not home to cook supper and to welcome her children at the end of a school day due to hospitalizations, a Kapayim staff member will be there to greet each child and serve them a warm dinner. It will also be the site of many fun and creative culinary / baking activities.

Office/ Conference Room

Kapayim Offices are the nerve center of the organization. It is there that hundreds of home shifts, hospital shifts and logistics of running a huge team of incredible volunteers is arranged.


Use the form below to donate to Kapayim. You can also donate by calling (855) KAP-AYIM or mailing a check to: Kapayim – 1364 53rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11219.

*Kapayim is a non-profit 501c3 organization. Tax ID # 45-5065227