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When a child or parent is diagnosed with a serious illness, the fear, dread and confusion are overwhelming.  Millions of thoughts swirl through the minds of parents–the grueling treatments, the unknown results, and above all, “what will become of the rest of the family?”

Who will take my child to treatment on the days I work?

Who will greet my other children as they come off their school buses?

How will I keep on top of laundry, cooking, and cleaning if I am in the hospital every spare moment?

How can I be there for everyone in the family when my hospitalized child takes up my every waking moment?

Life was so busy before, how will this new and difficult challenge fit in?

Through thoughtful, researched-based, and direct interventions, Kapayim, Be’ezras Hashem, seeks to lessen the negative impact of cancer and other serious illnesses on the patient, siblings and the whole family unit.  Kapayim provides effective supports that are either Center-based, home based or hospital based in order to sustain the usual patterns of family and child functioning.


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