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Mission Statement

When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, fear and confusion are overwhelming. Parents have a million questions swirling around their head as they worry how they can keep their home functioning smoothly.

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   “How can I split myself into so many pieces and be there for everyone in the family when my hospitalized child takes up every waking moment? Who will take my child to treatment on the days I work? Who will greet my other children as they come off their school buses? How will I keep on top of laundry, cooking, and cleaning if I am in the hospital every spare moment? Life was so busy before, how will this new and difficult challenge fit in?”

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Our organization’s volunteers and coordinators have quietly held the hands of families as they struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy. Countless families from the tri-state area can attest to the daily support from the extended Kapayim network.


Q: Who is there to help with the daily functioning of a family with a medical crisis?

A: Families can live without fun, games and events but they cannot live without the practical daily support that Kapayim provides.

Q: Why is it that Kapayim has proven to be so necessary and critical to families in crisis?

A: When two parents cannot split themselves to be in a million places, such as home and hospital etc, Kapayim creates a unique plan of action for each family.

Q. How are we uniquely structured to understand the needs of families?

A: • Kapayim is a discreet organization that makes families feel comfortable, not like a number or a case. There are no formal applications or bureaucracy.

• We are in touch with families daily. Since disease is unpredictable, we can always be there to respond immediately to the ever- changing needs.

• Each family has a designated team of volunteers that know the family’s children, ages, supper preferences so that they are not strangers, but a part of the family.