kapayim wings social media-04Hope.

The ability to rise above challenges.  The strength to forge ahead despite difficulties.  Hope is our belief. Our emunah.  Our tefillos.

On May 8 and May 10 the annual Kapayim Ladies Spring Events brought hope and light to thousands of women who attended the inspirational evening programs.  Titled “On the wings of Hope”, the events featured a line-up of incredibly uplifting entertainment and chizuk.

Introduced by song, the theme of the evening resonated within the hearts of the standing room only crowd.  “Avinu Malkeinu….p’sach sharei shomayim l’tefillaseinu…”

Mrs. Chedva Eisen from Eretz Yisroel retold her amazing story of courage, where, despite doctor’s dire predictions of the worst, her daughter survived being run over by a bus, not once but twice.  In her moving account of the accident and it’s aftermath, Mrs. Eisen shared how her steadfast emunah and  reliance on tefillah encouraged her and gave her the strength not to give up.   And it was her hope and her unwavering faith that resulted in her daughter’s miraculous recovery.  The audience was enthralled with the live appearance of the accident victim walking on her own two feet, after watching the remarkable pictures of her strenuous recovery.   There was not a dry eye in the audience as this young girl thanked Hashem Yisborach, her parents, and Kapayim.

Whenever she is in America, she said, Kapayim is her family here.  They keep her company.  They entertain her, they take her on outings, they visit her in the hospital.  They care.  About her, and about hundreds of other patients and their families in our midst.

Kapayim provides daily support in patients’ homes, in hospitals and at the Kapayim centers with dignity and discretion, to families suffering from medical illness.  Serviced by a network of more than 750 members, Kapayim’s hands are far reaching and have extended to help families in Williamsburg, Boro Park, Monsey, Crown Heights, Flatbush and the surrounding areas.

The pediatric oncologists who were honored with the medical tribute awards, Dr. Sharon Gardner, and Dr. Jennifer M Levine, compassionate doctors and expert healers, both bore testimony that Kapayim’s work is what helps the patients endure the hardships of their ordeals.

“Kapayim is family”, said Dr. Sharon Gardner.  “The way they provide whatever it is that may be needed for the families undergoing difficult times, that is what heals.  We give the medicine, but you, Kapayim, and the community that supports your activities, you do the healing.”

Without programs like Kapayim, I could not do my job in the way that I want to practice medicine, affirmed Dr. Levine.  Kapayim fills in the gaps that the medical system does not have the capacity to provide. With chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a multitude of medications, I am able to cure children of their cancer, so that they can return to a non-cancer life.  But, by supporting families during the cancer experience Kapayim makes sure that these children and their families have the emotional and cognitive resources to function again as a “normal” family. One without the other does not work.

In an adorable feature presentation the audience got a glimpse of the daily activities that take place in  the Kapayim cabins, located in Williamsburg, Monsey, and Boro Park.  These child-friendly, sterile, happening places are the address for patients who are immunocompromised and cannot go to school, and for siblings of patients, or children of patients, to come to when their parents are occupied with medical issues.   With changing weekly activities, closets full of games and toys, a library, and learning centers, children come to the cabins just to be kids, despite serious illnesses.

The evening culminated with the inspirational message of Reb. Shula Sternbuch from Switzerland who spoke so eloquently about the role of our mothers in our lives.  Their influence on us, and how we are carried on our mothers wings.

“How appropriate”, exclaimed one Kapayim mother, at the end of the evening.  “Because Kapayim really is like a mother to all of us families that they help.  Only a mother can know what a child needs without the child even asking for it.  And Kapayim knows, what each of their families need, without us even asking for it.”

“When I walked into the party, I was amazed,” said another mother.  “Kapayim was so attentive to my every need, I thought I was one of but a handful of people that Kapayim helps.  And look at this crowd.  So many people know Kapayim.  So many people need Kapayim.”

For the help Kapayim provides is the hope for hundreds of families in our communities.

The community has shown their support, and will continue to help Kapayim continue to help others.

On the wings of hope.



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