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Do you know what children who are afflicted with illness crave most?


Hear the joy in the voice of eleven-year old Benny as he recites the hadran at the completion of a mesechte he learnt with his one-on-one chavrusa.

See the look of absolute pleasure on four-year old Dini’s father’s face when he asks her the Parsha at the Shabbos table.

Watch nine-year old Ari’s face light up as he tests the model space ship he built, and sees it fly.

Listen to Nechy as she eagerly recites and locates the 50 states on a map in St. Jude’s hospital.

Kapayim makes these normal miracles possible.

Kapayim is an organization that is dedicated to helping families undergoing a medical crisis.  That dedication is fueled by the belief that children in all circumstances deserve to be children, and in as such, need what all children need in order to grow up emotionally and intellectually healthy.  Kapayim strives to maintain the normalcy and regular function of homes and families stricken with illness as much as possible.  Every single day, Kapayim members, who are part of a crew of over 750, provide a wide range of services to patients and their families in hospitals, homes, and at Kapayim Centers.

B’chasdei Shamayim, there have been great medical advancements and more and more children are Baruch Hashem surviving pediatric cancer.  The ordeal however, causes them to face huge educational gaps and struggles once they re-enter school as a result of their years of treatment, having been out of school and unused to learning.

Kapayim, playing supporting role for families in medical crises, noticed this growing need and created an innovative, revolutionary concept in the recovery of these young patients.  Working with their young charges, Kapayim members realized that the excitement of new games, toys, trips, and entertainment were not enough and what these children needed in addition to the fun was brain- stimulation, tochen, accomplishment.

A safe haven, the Kapayim Center was created to fill this need.   With locations in Williamsburg, Boro Park and Monsey, children who otherwise could not leave their homes between treatments now have a safe, sterile address to come to.  The Boro Park Center features a proper class for two to four year olds, and a learning center for four to twelve year olds. The opportunity for these immunocompromised children to socialize and not need to be in isolation, is life changing.  The child-friendly environment allows for intellectual stimulation, creativity, and for growth.  It allows children to be children.

In addition to hosting the patients, the Kapayim Centers also have space to accommodate the siblings of the patients, be it for creative outlets, to complete homework, eat supper, or a place to be when the parents are at medical appointments.  With a schedule of constantly changing activities, the Cabin, as it is known, is a much sought after retreat and treat for all its little visitors.

The Kapayim cabins and learning centers serve a crucial healing role, allowing families a semblance of normalcy; a sense of routine amidst the chaos and unknown of illness. Parents receive a much needed break, secure in the knowledge that their children are benefitting tremendously.

As the prominent pediatric oncologist Dr. Sharon Gardner, proclaimed

“We doctors provide the medicine – it is you, the community who supports Kapayim, who provides the healing.”

Coffee breaks in support of Kapayim are being held in your neighborhood! Please come and show your support!  For information about hosting a coffee break, please call – Ruchele 347-401-4032

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