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kapayim-link-4.8.14Kapayim Events Feature Young Heroine in her first US Appearance

By: Sarah Dagnan

Kapayim is a unique network that supports families that are dealing with serious illnesses. Kapayim ensures that the house and home keep functioning despite frequent hospitalizations.

Think of erev Pesach in a typical Jewish home. With heaps of cleaning, shopping, alterations, and cooking to be done, most families just about make it to the finish line in time for Bedikas Chometz.  Include a child who is seriously ill in the mix, who needs to be in the hospital before and on YomTov, and the situation becomes just about impossible.

This year, and every year, Kapayim ushered Pesach into countless homes where the mothers were not home- either because they were sitting at their child’s bedside in the hospital, or because they themselves are the ones seriously ill.  Kapayim sponsored cleaning help, but how is a non-Jewish cleaning woman to know how to clean for Pesach when the mother isn’t around to tell her what to do? Not to worry, the cleaning women were each accompanied by a Kapayim volunteer, who showed them what to clean in the house, how to scrub the fridge, and how to line each shelf with paper. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of cleaning help were provided in this pre Pesach season.

On Sunday, Erev Bedikas Chometz, Kapayim arranged for and sponsored a pre-Pesach trip to ActiveKidz on Long Island. Over 120 children were accompanied by 25 volunteers, who kept the children out of the house and having a blast while their mothers, home from the hospital for a precious few hours, could finish their last minute preparations for Yom Tov.

Kapayim members are a breed of their own.  Their dedication, sensitivity and concern often brings tears to the eyes of the families they help. One patient had to be in the hospital every day of Yom Tov for outpatient treatment.  A rav was consulted, and the patient was permitted to travel with a car service to the hospital and back every day of Yom Tov accompanied by her mother.  A Kapayim member, married with a family of her own, arranged her seudah schedule so that for one of the days she could accompany the child to treatment in a car service, allowing the mother to spend at least one Yom Tov day home with her other children. This is just a snapshot of just some of Kapayim’s daily activities.

Please join Kapayim at their Spring events. The Williamsburg event will take place on Sunday, May 4 in Ateres Avraham and will be a full day event with raffles and gourmet food. The evening will culminate with a fascinating program featuring Kol Atzmosai Tomarna: Voices of Courage as a young, medically challenged heroine and her mother will speak and sing as they appear for the first time in the United States. The Volunteer of the Year Award will be presented to Reb. Eidy Labin and the Keser Sheim Tov Award will be presented to Mrs. Leiku Weingarten.

 The Boro Park Evening Event will take place Tuesday, May 6th in Ateres Golda. Come hear words of inspiration from Reb. Feige Twerski who will be flying in from Milwaukee for this event.  Dr. Sharon Gardner, NYU Pediatric Hematology Oncology physician will be honored with the Medical Tribute Award.  The dedicated staff of the Kapayim Kinder group, who provide specialized care to toddler patients in a sterile environment, will be presented with an Appreciation Award. Watch an original slideshow presentation and listen to a personal story about a young woman who becomes a nurse due to her sister’s illness. Kol Atzmosai Tomarna: Voices of Courage young heroine and her mother will be joining the Boro Park event, too.

 Both events will be lilei nishmas Mrs. Fradel Kohn, a paradigm of Chesed who spent her life dedicated to the needs of others. Please show your support and join us at these important events.

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