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Kapayim fulfills Azik’s wish – watch Kapayim making a difference in one little boys life

Watch Kapayim making a difference in one little boys life.

Tribute to Azik Labin a”h – Song

An original composition by R’ Azik Honig in tribute to Azik Labin a”h.


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Hope. The ability to rise above challenges.  The strength to forge ahead despite difficulties.  Hope is our belief. Our emunah.  Our tefillos. On May 8 and May 10 the annual Kapayim Ladies Spring Events brought hope and light to thousands of women who attended the inspirational evening programs.  Titled “On the wings of Hope”, the events featured a line-up of incredibly uplifting entertainment and chizuk. Introduced by song, the theme of the evening resonated within the hearts of the standing […]

Watch “KAPAYIM – Daily Support For Families Coping With Illness – Shlomie Taussig & Yitzy Rosinger”