Kapayim provides effective supports that are either Center-based, home based or hospital based in order to sustain the usual patterns of family and child functioning.

Kapayim sends carefully selected members of their network to cover shifts at patient homes to assist with parents, patients and siblings and maintain household routines.

Trained members of the Kapayim network are carefully matched to their patients, and are scheduled on recurring shifts for the same patient which allows them time to bond at every visit.

Kapayim has revolutionized family care during serious illnesses by creating a temporary Center at 1364 53rd Street--a headquarters that offers a supervised after-school haven for siblings called the Kapayim Cabin, and a sterile classroom for immunocompromised preschool children.

Kapayim believes illness should not shatter families. Every day, we support patients and their families in hospitals, their homes and at our centers so that they can survive the medical crisis.

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